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There is never a shortage of excitement when you have a child involved in school or community athletic programs. You love cheering your child on as they play their chosen sport. But what would you do if your child was injured and lost or damaged a tooth? You can place a value on your child’s smile, but you can price protection for it. That’s why wearing a sports mouthguard is so important for young athletes.

Your dentist, Dr. Debra Craig can help if your child does end up with a dental emergency. Sporting events can cause your child to suffer broken or dislodged teeth. Mouth guards are the best way to prevent damage from occurring to your child’s teeth. There are several options for you to choose from.
You can pick up a mouth formed type of guard at most sporting good stores. These are called boil and bite guards because they form a mold to your child’s teeth after being heated. Careful attention to instruction when using this is advised to avoid an ill-fitting guard.

Pre-formed guards are also an option, but likely will be uncomfortable and fit poorly.

The best option when it comes to sports mouth guards is to have a custom one made by your dentist or in a dental lab. This will ensure the best protection and proper fitting with a custom sports mouth guard created just for you or your child.

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