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Oral accidents and injuries can arise at any point in time in your life. Even when you least expect it, dental damage can destroy your smile. However, if the worst should happen, fear not, as dentists are designed to repair smiles, even ones that have been severely broken or shattered. However, you can drastically improve your recovery time if you have a fast-acting treatment plan in place should any oral accidents arise. This includes being ready to administer aid immediately after an accident.

If you ever have a tooth knocked out, believe it or not, it is possible to have them placed back in your mouth once more. However, to accomplish this, you need to immediately collect the tooth or bits of the tooth and place them in a liquid solution. This could be something as simple as a container of milk or even a cell growth medium product. Once the tooth has been placed in a liquid solution, visit your dentist to determine if it can be placed back into its socket. Your best chance of success often happens within one hour of the tooth being knocked out.

If you have any objects caught between your teeth, it is important to be very careful with their removal. Always exercise caution and never use sharp instruments or pins or any other instruments that could potentially damage your teeth or gums. Instead, try using an interdental cleaner such as dental floss to gently dislodge the object.

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