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Did you know that there are several health risks currently present in your life that could potentially be doing damage to your smile or set you up for severe damage later on? Even though we often think about the risks associated with cavities and dental erosion, many individuals forget the risks associated with oral accidents and injuries. Your smile can be in the best of shape, and in a matter of seconds, can be completely destroyed.

To prevent decades of hard work and oral health care from being completely wiped out and eradicated, always make sure you are taking care of your smile and lowering your risk for oral health accidents. Your biggest risks come in the form of unhealthy products. Just as your diet can cause dental erosion and cavities if you continue to eat unhealthy sweets and treats, so too can you also be at risk if you continually partake in bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco or using drugs. Several products may provide you the relief you need to help deal with any stress or other issues in your life, but it’s not a treatment and should never be seen as such. If that wasn’t bad enough, bad habits will lead to several other problems within your body. Beyond causing immediate damage to your teeth and gums, they can set you up for infections tooth loss and even cancer. Why take chances for a moment of satisfaction when you will have a lifetime of suffering that follows? Avoid unhealthy habits as much as possible and look for treatments that are designed to enhance your physical, mental and oral health, not ones that harm them.

No matter the dental damage prevention you are in need of, Dr. Debra Craig and our team at Harmony Family Dental are here to help you in every way we can. If you would like to set up an oral health examination, come see us at our dental office in Spokane, Washington, by calling us at 509-467-1562.