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Are you flossing correctly? It might not be a silly question. If your idea of flossing is to reel off a section of floss and run it between your teeth, well, you’re doing it wrong.

Using dental floss is not the most complicated thing you will do during your day, but there is a technique to it. After all, if you don’t floss, you aren’t cleaning about 35 percent of the surfaces of your teeth, and the areas between your teeth are perfect places for bacteria and tooth decay to set in. Our dentist, Dr. Debra Craig suggests that you floss at least once a day.

Start with about 18 inches of floss. Wrap the majority of it around each of your middle fingers. Leave yourself about one to two inches, and grasp that section between your thumbs and forefingers. Floss your upper teeth first, and then the bottom teeth. Start at the back with your molars and floss your way forward. Floss under and then away from your gum line. Use a fresh section of floss for each tooth, and throw the floss away when you are done. Reusing floss only spreads food debris and bacteria around your mouth.

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