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The uses of mouth guards in dentistry have been well discussed. In some cases, mouth guards can be shaped to your individual smile. Although they cannot treat dental damage, they are highly effective at preventing damage from occurring. Here are some things you should know about mouth guards:

– Mouth guards prevent oral accidents and injuries from severely damaging your smile, including dental damage and tooth loss.
– Be sure to take care of your mouth guards so they are not bent out of shape or severely contaminated with bacteria.
– There are different assortments of mouth guards including custom-bite guards, boil-and-bite guards, and one-size-fits-all guards, the last of which is the only one that will not be tailored to your specific bite impression.
– If you are a part of a contact sport or similar high-risk activity, it is necessary to wear the appropriate safety equipment, such as mouth guards, to protect your oral health.

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